Monday, November 2, 2009

My Best Friend

I'm thankful for my very best friend, Ryan.

Ryan just so conveniently happens to also be my husband, so we get to spend all kinds of time together.

He's one of the hardest workers I know -- smart too! He excells at his job and really anything else for that matter. He finished our basement this past year and has no experience in construction at all. I mean he hammered the whole frame, by hand, with one old hammer. He put up the electrical, dry name it! It looks professionally done!

He's a non-complainer. I thought I didn't complain much, then I met Ryan. I think a negative words exits his mouth, ohhhh, once a week or so. He just goes with the flow (how I wish I could be more like that!!).

He's a man of few words, which is maybe why he's so good at the above...hmmm. Seriously, though, Ryan has really taught me that talking less is sometimes a good thing. I like to chat, but I always appreciate a good listener and sometimes I just say too much and then put my stinky foot in my mouth.

He's a man of God, which is probably what I'm most thankful for. Every morning Ryan reads from his Bible (randomly on the top of the toliet's closed!) He's an amazing leader and example for our family.

I can't believe that I've been so blessed and thank God everyday for this man in my life.

So....whether he's struting around the house with these (did I mention he's a talented runner??)

Or humbly relaxing with this....

I know that a karate/ninja kick isn't too far away, or too much to ask
of my prince charming!!
I'm thankful for my Ryan. He's mine...allll mine :0)


Lynn said...

I love these blogs! This one was very sweet- I hope you save it and read it in 10 years or so! I sure agree Ryan is a wonderful man and he married a wonderful girl!

Andrea said...

It must be something with the name Ryan. I'm so thankful for my Ryan too! ;)

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