Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I'm thankful for Ryan's parents, my in-laws!

Don't you just love wedding pictures! Here they are with Ryan...not sure where I am! Anyways...

I'm thankful that they have been such good parents to Ryan. It's so obvious by how highly Ryan speaks of them and simply by who he is, that they taught him well. They are a true reflection of what it looks like to live a Christ centered life.

I'm thankful that they have taken me into their family and care for me like their own daughter. The first time I met them they were on their way out the door, and Ryan and I were about to eat some pizza. His mom told us there was lots of diet soda in the fridge outside and at that moment...I knew everything would work out!

I'm thankful that they tell me when they're proud of me. It means so much to me to have their support and encouragment. They too traveled to Baltimore to see the marathon and wow, it meant so much to me!!

I'm thankful because they let Ryan and I make our own decisions. They are interested in our lives, but don't push there way into all the details....if that makes sense! They're excellent at giving Ryan and I advice, as well as, room to grow and make our own choices.

I'm thankful that my in-laws aren't crazy. I'm being serious -- they're about as normal, kind, and sincere as you can get!

I'm thankful that I love being with them.

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Lynn said...

Whew, I'm thankful we're not crazy too! (although that is always open to opinion!) Thank you for your kind words. You are such a wonderful person. If we had the opportunity, we would of picked you for Ryan's wife- you are both so suited for each other. What a blessing for parents to know that!

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