Friday, October 30, 2009

Trick Or Treat....

I don't like Halloween.

I'm a well known scardy cat, so a day that revolves around being scary and freightening is my worst nightmare! I know, I know...someone out there is thinking they don't do the scary thing --they do the nice princess, funny, loveable costume. Well, if you're walking around in the dark (even to your car after a well lite Halloween party) there's a 99% chance if I see you I'll be terrified. It's inevitable.

At the gym this morning I watched 10sec. clips from scary movies throughout the ages and now I'm praying that I can sleep at night. I'm not kidding. I have this amazingly annoying ability to keep things in my mind forever. If I see a picture of a guy with blood oozing out of his eyeball --when I go to bed tonight that will be what I picture crawling out from under my bed as I try to fall asleep.

It's just bad.

My family will vouch that for as long as they've know me (forever!) I've been anti-Halloween. I have grown a little more loose with age and can't resist those cute kid costumes. I saw a little boy giraffe walking around our developement Thursday night and almost made Ryan crash the car because I squealed with delight and joy at his cuteness!

Speaking of cute kids....check out these 2 cuties....

Ryan's mom made this costume! Isn't it amazing! I remember seeing a picture of Ryan as a robot one year and a 6-legged bug another year....I think!! I need to get those pictures!

I don't remember this costume at all. I do, however, remember being a big orange pumpkin in first grade!

Cute kids isn't the only thing I like about Halloween. Obviously, there is the candy.
Ryan must have bought 4 HUGE bags of candy last year after Halloween (he loves a bargain!) Can you believe that each bag had my favorite kind? I don't pick favorites when it comes to candy, I just don't think it's fair.
Honestly though, those 2 things don't really change too much for me in regards to how I feel about Halloween. I think kids are cute most of the time and if I end up getting candy eat week at Giant (love those candy bins!!)
I'm so lucky to have a movie date with a girlfriend tonight so I don't have to be alone! I'm about to go out shopping and you can guarantee I will have all senses on high alert for anything scary, suspicious, or extremely Halloweeny!

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