Thursday, October 29, 2009

The time has finally come

for the TMI outtage to start. I knew for months and months and months that at the end of October, TMI would go off-line and Ryan would have to work all. the. time. until after Christmas.

Well....this past week it started. Boooooo

Ryan has to work his first week of night shift starting tomorrow, that's Friday night. Stink. He has to work night shift the whole weekend. Stink, again.

I've really been praying that I adjust and am able to really support Ryan during this time, because I know it's hard for him to work long, stressful hours. Honestly, I'm afraid the next few months might be hard for me. I cherish our time together and when I know he's going to be gone during our usual time together I get a bit....moody.

We are so blessed he has such a good job and has opportunities waiting for him after this outtage to start his new position (a promotion!), but man it can be gross sometimes.

I know this just started, but we could really use your prayers. It's temporary and we will see eachother, but I want to be as supporting as I can! I want to stay positive for Ryan and not blame him for having to leave me at night to work, because it's not his fault!

I admire how hard Ryan works, I'm not sure I could work the way he does.

Thanks, honey :0) You're amazing.

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