Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Do you ever feel like after vacation you need a vacation?

I'm kinda there right now.

I had a dear friend and roomate from college who would come back from college breaks and live out of her suitcase for a couple of days until she had time to unpack. Oh how I wish I could do that.

When I got back from CA I not only had to unload and organize the groceries....I had to unpack my suitcase and get the laundry all ready to get started bright and early the next morning. I even changed the bed sheets!

I was planning on being around most of the day Monday to do laundry and get our house back in smooth, working order, but low and behold Erma called me to sub for Monday!! Then she called for Tuesday and Wednesday!! I could use the days, but sheesh -- after getting up at 5:30am to work out mixed and a bit of jet lag I'm exhausted!

I'll have plenty of time to rest this Friday after my LASIK! I believe that all afternoon I will have to rest my eyes. It's just part of the mandatory recovery :0)

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