Monday, October 19, 2009

California Dreamin'

Less than 48hrs after I finished the Baltimore Marathon I hopped on a plane with my best friend and headed to sunny CALIFORNIA!!

The thing wasn't sunny for the first 3 days we were there! Ryan and I were both personally offended by the lack of Mr. Sun. Apparently it hadn't rained since May and then we show up and voila! rain.

The last 4 days of solid sun and warmth totally made up for it though!

There's so much to share I decided to do a little picture walk :o)

Jason and Marissa (Ryan's brother and sister-in-law) hosted us for our little vaca! Jason is going to Fuller Seminary to become a worship pastor and Marissa teaches English at French school -- pretty awesome, huh?
Jason picked us up at the LAX airport around 11am on Monday and took us straight to see the real important stuff...Pacific Ocean, Wahoo (for some fish tacos), an awesome hiking park (who knew LA had non-pavement trails) and the "Hollywood" sign! it is!
Jason and Ryan just hanging out by the sign.

By this point in the hike/walk I was about to pee my pants. It took all my focused thought to smile and not start running down the mountain toward the bathrooms. I guess that's what a couple of diet cokes from Wahoo's will do for you!

The most exciting of our trip was getting on "The Price is Right" We didn't get to "coooome on down," but we did get to wake up at 4am, wait in line for 30mins to get a ticket to reserve our spot in line for later in the morning (8:30am), then wait in line for another 4hrs before getting in! Yay! We were so good at waiting in line by the time we entered the studio it was ridiculous!
Here are our name tags. Pretty nice huh? If you think they look good'll have to check them out on Ryan and I ONE THE SHOW DECEMBER 16th! There were 2 people right near us who got called and we went crazy jumping up and down so we would get on t.v. You may even spot Ryan pretending to feed himself oatmeal in hopes of coaxing the woman on stage to chose oatmeal for a price match.

The next day we headed to Hollywood to see the Chinese Theater. See Ryan? And all the umbrellas? Stupid rain.

We decided to dodge the rain for a bit and saw a double feature -- Toy Story & Toy Story 2 in 3D!! It was at this huge Disney Theater with a pre-show song and dance number by some of the characters!
We're ready for 3D toy adventures!

This gentleman played all different Disney songs - he was very very good.

We had so much fun that afternoon!

The sun finally did come out, along with the tandem bikes! Jason took us to Santa Monica and we decided to tour via bikes! It was fabulous! Ryan and I just couldn't resist the tandem! I stayed in the back so I could just pedal and look around :0)

Later that night Ryan and Jason got to watch the Phillies play (from way way up) at Dodgers Stadium!

And the Phillies won! Marissa and I stayed back and saw a chick-flick -- it was great!

On Friday, Ryan and I headed down to San Diego to see some of my extended family, as well as, go to Sea World and the San Diego Zoo!
I loved Sea World! We spent the whole day strolling through the park and checking out everything under the sea!!
This little (hehe) guy was in one of the shows we saw. He's a walrus and very white/pink!
Ryan liked to pet the starfish :0)

Oh....just hanging out in front of the manatee! I love these guys!

Hi Mr. Sea Lion. He liked us.

Can you see Ryan and I waving?? We wanted to get a shot with Mr. Sea Lion so we had to get creative. I wanted to jump into the pool, but the zoo lady said no.

Next was the San Diego Zoo! We went with my U. Luke, Joy, their sons Charlie and Shane, and my cousin Emma. We had a great time looking at all the wild animals. I love zoos, even though I do feel a little bad for some who are stuck in such small cages!
Me and Mr. Tiger.

Panda is just hanging out!

Shhh...she's sleeping!
Nice Rhino Ryan!!
There is so much I could talk about, but that's enough of CA for now! I'm getting overwhelmed just thinking about all the other things we did that I didn't mention!
We hope you enjoyed!

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Emily said...

Oh my gosh, you guys did a TON of stuff! What a fun vacation!! Glad you had a good time (despite the rain).

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