Thursday, October 1, 2009

Problem, averted

For now.

My sister gave me the only, and perhaps, best piece of advice in regards to my marathon apparel situation.

She writes,
"Oh no. That is a serious dilemma. It sounds like the shorts are pretty vital -- riding up is unacceptable -- so maybe try for a new tank? If it gets uncomfortable part way through you can chuck it off and then people will REALLY look at you! Good luck!"

First, I like how she first recognizes that this is "...a serious dilemma." Clearly, she feels my pain.

Second, she sees how truly important the shorts are, since any kind of distraction, especially shorts riding up which = thigh chafing (youch!) can be detrimental to the run and overall experience.

Third, she offers TWO suggestions to fix the problem: get a new tank top or "chuck [the tank] off" mid-race.

Although the 2nd option (chuck it off) sounds delightful and pretty exciting...there will be children watching (!! ) and old people and men and women and little dogs and Daaaad for goodness sakes!! haha

So for now, I'm planning a trip to the Reebok outlet. Let's hope they can pull through with a tank that will do! I'd hate to have to go for option 2. (:oP)


Stutz said...


Emily said...

All I'm saying is that if the choice is between not being able to finish and finishing in nothing but shorts and a sports bra, then go for emergency-contingency idea #2. :o)

Plus, it's still more clothes than your neighbors saw you in.

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