Sunday, October 4, 2009

Perfect Afternoon for Apple Picking!

We planned to go apple picking last weekend, but Ryan was having some wisdom teeth trouble and it was raining, so we decided to go today and I'm so glad we did! It was the perfect day outside!

The air was cool, crisp and the sun was shinning nice and bright! It was gorgeous!

Last year we went to a place called Paulus Orchards and since we had such a good experience (and the place closest to our house was closed) we decided to go again this year :0)

Here are some pics from our fabulous afternoon....

We didn't pick these apples, but they're still pretty aren't they?

Ryan reminds me of a model in this picture. He's so handsome.

Mike, Karen, Ryan, and Stutz making their way to the apples! Mike and Karen are in our Wed. night small group. They like apples too!

Ashely, Stutz, Ryan, and Mike waiting for everyone to get here so we can start picking! Ryan was checking a sport score. Goodness gracious.

Ryan & I amongst the apple trees!

The Fuller Family (Heather, Warwick, Lilly, and Claire) making their way through the orchard.

Heather, Lilly, and Claire. Such a pretty family!

Cherie (all the way from Indiana!), Ashley, and I. They like apples toooooo!!!
Clearly, this one was not meeting my standards. Notice my yucky face.
The boys did silly things to get the very best apples.

And somehow when we were done I got to carry them all to the car....awesome :0P

Now what should I make?? Any suggestions?

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