Friday, October 23, 2009

The New Side of The Harris Family

I'm sure you've noticed that I added a few things to the side bar of our blog!

I always enjoy looking at pictures other bloggers put on the side of their blog - it gives me a quick glance at their family and since I love showing off my fabulous family this was perfect!

I spent a lot time looking through a whole bunch of pictures we had on our computer. So something that should take 10 mins...took about 45mins. I just love to relive all those big picture worthy events in our life over the last couple of years. The wedding pictures took the longest :0)

I started to cry when I was looking at pictures of my Dad and I dancing. My family is so special to me -- it's hard to put into words. Now everyone can see them at a glance!

Here are some random pictures I found. They have nothing in common and aren't really relevant to anything other than my own, personal good memories....enjoy!

Christmas at Gram and Pappy's Cowell's house!

Ryan you're such a scary scarecrow!

Mullets all the way baby!

Ryan, look behind you! It's Stonehenge!

Let's go back. Preferably this afternoon.

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