Sunday, October 25, 2009

Helllooo Perfect Vision

A few months ago my husband broke the news -- he said he probably wouldn't have time to get LASIK this year and that if I wanted to, I should sign up.

If I wanted to? I couldn't believe I was getting the opportunity....of course I wanted to! I called LasikPlus the very next day to get my free consultation!

They wanted to schedule my surgery before the marathon, but I wasn't sure about recovery and didn't want anything to get in my way of finishing that race, so I held back for a few weeks and scheduled this past Friday as the BIG day!

I was so pleased with the professionalism and friendliness of everyone at LasikPlus. I felt comfortable and confident with them right away. My sister, Emily, had LASIK done several months (maybe a year ago) and had only positive things to say about it! Every single person who I know, who had it, raved about how wonderful it was...I guess I was going to see (haha) firsthand!

Ryan caught a picture of me ready to go! I'm pretty excited...and a little embarrassed he's taking a picture of me.

Here I am in the temperature controlled operating room. My eyes are closed because I was so tired from the 2 tylenol PM they gave me. I thought for sure this would knock me out for the rest of the night, but after a 1hr. nap I was good to go...unfortunately.

My eyes stung pretty bad when I woke up from my nap - I could have used a couple more hours in dreamland. Anyways...

The trickest part of the whole surgery was the Dr. trying to take that hair cap off my head when the procedure was over -- it got caught on my earrings. haha I'm a mess. Seriously, it was like the hardest part of the whole day.

It was hard not to go strut my stuff around town with these sweet shades, but I just had to take a nap. I tried to look happy in this picture, but my eyes hurt and I was tired!

I had to put all the lights on in the house, because I couldn't see with those sunglasses on! It probably defeated the purpose, but it was better than running into things! Wow, I look really cool.
Ryan laughed IN MY FACE when he saw me with the protector shield on. I told him that unless he wanted me to rub the cornea flap off my eye in the middle of the night I had to wear them. He stopped laughing after that.
This picture makes me look excited about it -- I was not excited.

Ahhh....a much better representation.

The doctor used one of my favorite words during my next day check-up, "everything looks perfect." Other than that awful broken blood vessel in my left eye, everything looks great! Serviously...everything! I can read and see better now than before, I'm 20/15.

It's such an amazing procedure that takes 20mins and about 4hrs. of recovery at home. I was good as new the next day and even ventured to Wal-Mart! If that doesn't tell you how good I felt, I'm not sure what will.
Thanks babe for letting me get your LASIK done this year!!! I'll be right there for you next year...if watching the surgery didn't gross you out too much. Apparently, he was pretty disgusted by the whole thing. He kept saying "did you know they put some pick-like tool INSIDE YOUR EYE [shudder] WOW."

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