Wednesday, October 7, 2009

2more days till 26.2miles

Who's ready to run 26.2 miles on Saturday??

Pick me! Pick me!

I'm as ready as I'm ever going to be. I did my last run (only 2miles) today before 2 rest days and then the SUPER BIG CRAZY WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THIS RUN!!

I'm sorry it's all I've been talking about the last, oh, 5 months. It's just what I've been up to. This will be the last post until after the race. You'll just have to wait until then to see my non-matching outfit that I just couldn't fix this close to the race. Oh well, maybe next time I'll think about it a bit sooner.

I have a few goals for Friday&Saturday. If nothing else, I'll mention them here so I when I re-read this on Sunday, from the comfort of our electric reclining sofa, I can tall Ryan to come and give me a nice big pat on the back for job well done.

Goal 1. Pick up my packet without getting lost in the city and then having to freak out on Ryan because WE MIGHT NOT MAKE IT TO THE EXPO IN TIME AND I WON'T HAVE MY NUMBER OR D-TAG AND I'VE DONE ALL THIS TRAINING FOR NOTHING AND I'M A LOSER THAT CAN'T EVEN GET MY PACKET AND I'M SCARED AND NERVOUS AND WHERE THE HECK IS THE FREE PARKING LOT!! (If I were joking about this, it wouldn't be Goal 1.)

Goal 2. Attach the disposable D-Tag(tracks my time) to my shoe without "disarming" it.

Goal 3. Sleep Friday night.

Goal 4. Not have to use every port-a-pot I see on the way to the starting line

Goal 5. Smile and wave when I see my family cheering for me (I get so emotional during these things...I don't want to start crying, which is what I'm afraid of. How's hard to cry and run. AND I need to conserve energy, not waste it on happy tears!)

Goal 6. If and when I hit the dreaded wall SMASH it to pieces. Then just. keep. moving.

Goal 7. Give Ryan some entertaining footage if he decides to bring the video camera.

Goal 8. FINISH!!

Goal 9. Feel my toes.

Thanks so much for your support and prayers. This is going to be something I remember (and will probably feel) forever! Can't wait to let you know how it goes!!

I'm going to start the pasta party tomorrow...carb city here I coooooommmmeeee!

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