Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A New Do...

I LOVE the fall and with it just around the corner, I thought a new hair do was in order!

I was getting a little bored with my blonde, medium length hair -- so I decided to change things up a bit.

The last time I wanted to do something different I ended up with a stacked bob type cut, which was nice, but not very exciting. I wanted something drastic, however, I didn't want my hair to be the length of my fingernail. It's hard to do drastic when you want your hair to grow out!

So...I opted for a new color!! Something bold, daring, and nothing like the blonde I've had for the last couple of years. I didn't start off completely blonde, but it has definitely transformed into that. A couple highlights here, some coloring there, and all the sudden people thought it was natural. No so my friends. I really have medium dark colored hair....I've been misleading you all, all these years!

Well, time to go back to my roots - sort of. I guess my natural just isn't good enough because this time I went way dark.

Take a look.

I was a blonde in April for Darren and Kasie's wedding!

I was blonde for our anniversary trip to Canada in May!

I was blonde during a visit from my parents and a trip to Philly to celebrate my Aunt and Uncle's birthdays!

Not blonde anymore! I introduce....Erin the Brunette!!

See....I'm dark now.

Holy brown hair! I'm dark all over and lovin' it!

Ryan is still getting used to the "new" me. I think it'll take him some time. He said he really liked the blonde, but he likes this too. Hahaha...such a man thing to say! He's so sweet though, I love him! You'll notice that in the pictures above you're seeing his side of our office. The Willy Wonka poster, M&M, and Puzz3D are all his wonderful possesions. That poster freaks me out (ah! I just looked up at it), but he likes it so it stays. On his side!!!

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