Saturday, September 19, 2009

Goat Run?

I have seen many many animals when I run on all these country roads. I've talked about them before, but in case you forgot here are just a few to refresh your memory


and the latest and greatest....a goat! But not just any goat - this goat likes to run. And run. And run.

When I was running with Staci, Eric, and Kristen (members of Team DMC World Vision) we heard the sound of goat. At first, we weren't sure, because usually we hear dogs barking or birds singing - not goats! But sure enough, we no sooner realized that it was, in fact, a goat that we SAW it charging toward us.

Naturally, I screamed like a little girl and started in a dead sprint (like everyone else I was running with)....I didn't want it ram my butt!!! How was I suppose to know this was a friendly goat? It was charging at us!!

Kristen was the first and only to approach it and find out it was super friendly. So friendly that it ran with us for a while. A long while - like a mile. We knew that it wasn't going to make the next 6miles, so we were thankful that a man pulled up and asked if we needed some help.

Apparently, his wife drove by us, then called him to say the neighbors goat was chasing after some joggers. Hahahahaha! The goat just jumped into the guys truck.

I'm pretty sure if I would have been running solo and a goat chased after me, I would have peed my pants, started to cry, and sprint the entire way home.


Emily said...

Where in the world do you live, farm girl?! That's hilarious. Drew loves goats -- you'll have to tell him this story later. He'll probably be really jealous. I'm glad it didn't charge you!

Who knew goats were such good runners!

Erin and Ryan Harris said...

I know...right! I see all kinds of animals when I'm out and about. At least the cows didn't come after us! Drew likes goats? He'd love this one then, it came with a cow bell and everything.

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