Thursday, September 17, 2009

I passed

my LASIK test this morning! It was a 90 minute process, but very easy.

The ladies who worked at the LASIK Plus office were so nice! I can't believe how nice and friendly they were - made me feel good about the procedure.

Looks like on October 23, after the marathon (of course), I'll be contact/glasses free!

Ryan is so good for letting me get the surgery, since he can't. He's too good to me. I don't deserve him. I'll try to be extra, super nice to him next week when he gets his wisdom teeth.

So far, I've bought him some applesauce, red jello, butterscotch pudding, and Ramen noodles for his no chewing days next week. He's getting all 4 out. Ouch. I'm planning to make lots of mashed potatoes and buying (not making!) lots of milkshakes so my man doesn't lose oodles of weight because he's only eating chicken broth and jello! I managed to get whole food down the next day, after getting 2 out, but that's because I love to eat and will do so unless my jaw is wired shut.

1 comment:

Emily said...

Wait a're getting LASIK and Ryan has to get his wisdom teeth removed? That's really not a fair trade. :o) I'm happy for you, I think you'll love it!! I really do. I keep telling Drew to have it done, but he's resisting. Good luck!

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