Thursday, September 24, 2009

Good-byeeeee Wisdom Teeth

My Ryan got his wisdom teeth taken out yesterday! He's a trooper and made it through the hour long surgery, recovery, and travel home. I wasn't sure what kind of shape he was going to be in, so I prepared myself for anything!

Here's a little picture story of our/his day. He'll hate me for picture #2, but I want you folks to see the real deal!!

The morning of his surgery - he's cool as a cucumber and a little annoyed I was taking pictures. What, honey? You don't like you're picture taken at 7:20am, right before we're about to leave for you to be put to sleep and have 4 of your teeth surgically removed?

He also wasn't too excited that I insisted on bringing the camera along just in case I came across a great shot - like the one below! Here's my walrus (hehe) right after the surgery.

The whole time I was sitting with him I talked. And talked. And talked. And the only thing that made him open his eyes and react at all was when I let him know his pulse was up to 80bpm. Apparently, that was a little high for his liking...even half way unconscious.

Here he is home and safe :0) He has plenty of ice, gauze, and gatorade to last him the whole day!
Honestly, does it get better than this? He didn't even have to exert energy to recline....just pushed a buttom.

Keep icing Mr. Notice the walkie-talkie? I had those ready so if I was upstairs and he needed something he didn't have to yell. He just pushed a buttom and I was at his service!

Poor Ryan. He was a master at icing his face by the end of the day! His swelling looks pretty good today so it must have done the trick!

Thanks so much for all of your prayers! I know that God is healing Ryan's mouth quickly! In the meantime, I'm going to keep talking enough for the both of us and force him to watch all of the shows I have saved on DVR. He's so lucky to have me :0P

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Kasie said...

hahahha. Darren and I just started reading your blog site. I love the humor.... but poor Ryan! It cracks me up that he's not in bed but on his new couch! :)

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