Saturday, September 26, 2009

Favorite Fall Things :)

It's that time....FALL!

I love this time of the year, but it always seems to go by in a blink. I'm trying to cherish every fall day this year because I know how quickly it will go by. I can't believe summer is over already!! Feels like I just started working summer day camp and it's been OVER for 6 weeks now. What?!? Crazy.

Today is the perfect fall day....for making a big pot of vegetable soup! That's one of my most favorite fall things! It's a lot of work getting a huge pot of veggie soup made, but sooo worth it for all the easy meals it will be :o) It's cold, rainy, and really gross outside - perfect for making soup!

Earlier, when I was putting away groceries, I glanced outside and saw tons of colorful leaves swirling around...another one of my favorite things. I love the colors of fall - they are truly my favorite. I wish they lasted a bit longer, but I'll take what I can get :0)

Apples!! Need I saw more.

Pumpkins pumpkins pumkins - yay! Love those big orange things. They are great for decorating, eating (seeds), and making pumpkin pies...what's not to love?? I also really like the white ones -- I think they have a neat/different look! I can't wait to get some pumpkins in our basement.

Hayrides of the non-scary variety. I don't do scary. I haven't been on a hayride in a long time, I'm about due for one.

I could go on and on, but I'll stop there :0) What are some of your favorite fall things?

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