Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Napping, Cocoa Castle, and King Kone

We did lots this Labor Day weekend.

Here are some highlights!

I'm sure you just read all about the garage project. Here's what happened the next day after all the work was over....

Mom read on the electric recliner. See that slight smile...she was clearly enjoying herself :0)
Jenn and Owen were relaxing too. Everyone was reclinging!!!

Owen was so snuggly in the wedge he couldn't help but fall asleep! We were also watching a real "girly" movie so he also burned some time.

After naps it was time to let loose - at Cocoa Castle Playground!
Owen and Dad followed each other everywhere!

The bungee bridge/ladder was tricky - Owen needed a hand from Pop Pop.

He's coming down the tire tunnel...watch out!!

Owen made it through....

Now Pop Pops turn - will be fit all the way??....

Wow. Sure did.

Owen even got to get one of Dad's under doooooooogs! Those are awesome!

After flying on the swings, Owen flew through the air.

Then, of course, Pop Pop did with...wait a second....an Owen hanging on his back? Those two.

Playing is hard. Down right tough. So we had to stop at King Kone for some ICE CREAM! Owen got "the smallest vanilla soft serve cone" you can get. It's the size of his head!
See? Poor guy can hardly lick it! Don't worry, Aunt Erin helped. That's why I'm here :0)

I didn't let those wild gorillas get any of Owen's ice cream either!!

1 comment:

Emily said...

#1: I've never seen so many recliners in my life.

#2: Owen's ice cream cone is a hoot. They couldn't make it smaller for a 5 year old? :o)

#3: I now need a giant ice cream cone.

#4: Underdogs are classic. I'm glad Dad still has the dexterity for them!

#5: Love you!

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