Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cleaning Out the Garage...dun dun dun

My Dad loves a project. When he comes to visit he gets itchy to do something (big) right away, so this time he suggested he would help Ryan clean out the garage!! We just bought some shelves the night before and officially had the last "piece" we needed to get started and guarantee to finish!

I might not have shown it at time, but I was sooooo excited they were going to get this started!

First, it was full of construction basement stuff.

Then, it was full of construction basement stuff and everything from our basement. I'm not posting a picture because the pure choas and grossness of it all doesn't need to be relived. I remember opening the door to the garage and just throwing things in there...not looking, just throwing.
On Saturday, we emptied and cleaned out the garage until it looked like this!! Isn't it amazing?!? We got a steal on the shelving units too! Home Depot is having a sale...$19.00 each! Check it out!

So where did we put all the stuff from the garage to get it this empty and clean? Oh, how about the driveway? And our neighbors driveway.

I spy an Owen in this picture....

We literally had piles of furniture. Anyone need a papasan chair?

Ryan worked for a while organizing his tool bench. I was proud of his progress :0)
Phew....everything fit back in! All the bags on the left are trash. Can't wait for trash day!
I love these shelves. Now I can get to the sodas without stubbing my toe - score!
We tried to sell some things from our driveway during the clean out. Owen thought he might be able to reel some people off the street by tempting them with some ice cold sweet mango tea!
I thought it was a great idea and swarms of people would be lined up to get a cold cup and buy our stuff.

Dad decided to sit and it and show people how comfortable it was! He looks comfortable, doesn't he? A smile probably would have helped! :0p

In the end we sold nothing. But you can't say we didn't try!!

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Emily said...

Where in the world did you get so much furniture?! I had no idea that was all out there. It looks like you had a very productive weekend. :o)

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