Friday, September 11, 2009

Less Than A Month

Until I run this far!!
I can't believe I'm going to be running a full marathon is less than 30 days! It's something that I thought would be incredible to do, but not something that I would actually do! AND I AM!!

I'm starting to get excited and nervous! I know I'm going to finish, even if they have to drag me across the finish line...I will finish this race! I don't even like calling it a race because I'm not racing, I'm just running. I have a time goal in mind, but if I don't meet it, no big deal - finishing will be enough of a victory!!

I have 2 more long runs; 18 & 2omiles. Tomorrow I'm doing part of the 18miler with a woman from the Devonshire running team, Kristen. She's going to help me through the last 10miles as she trains those 10miles for her half. It gets sooo long and boring running by yourself for over 2hrs so I'm estatic to have a partner to go with me!

What the heck?? I"m going to be in motion for 18miles?? That just doesn't seem right! Ahhh I'm nervous, excited, and relying on God to give me a couple pushes tomorrow, especially on those hills! Sometimes I even picture Him just putting a finger on my back to keep me going! It might be weird, but it works. Without God, I wouldn't finish any run! It's through His strength...not my own!

I've only been running for about 2 years. I really started running and training for a half last year and now a full marathon?!? No wonder my legs hurt! It will be nice to exercise (walk) without some part of my body hurting. haha It's worth it though! My petty complaints don't even compare to the pain the children in Africa endure due to lack of water!

Again...check out our site. We need YOU!

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Andrea said...

You're such an inspiration to me! I'm running a 5k in Mechanicsburg in November and even that seems daunting to me bc the last time I did it was high school. I can't imagine preparing to run a marathon!

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