Monday, August 24, 2009

World Vision

I've been trying to think of some awesome way to present this information to you, but it's pretty straight forward.

Let me just get right to the point:

I need your help.

It's that simple.

In 4osome days I'm going to run the Baltimore Marathon....all 26.2 miles (holy crap). I've joined a running team from my church, to not only run a crazy number of miles, but to also raise money for World Vision!!

There are 8 of us on this team, all running different lengths (3.2mi, 13.1mi, 26.2mi) to raise funds that will be put toward the "Clean Water Fund for Africa."

When I'm running one of the things that motivates me is knowing that when I'm done I'm going to be able to take a warm shower and drink a huge glass of ice cold water at the end! It's just there when I get home..always. I can't imagine what it must be like to have to walk for miles to get semi-clean water for drinking and bathing. In certain parts of the world families take what little water they can get in order to survive.

The money we are able to raise will be helping to provide resources for communities to get clean water!

Just look at some of theways clean water can impact a community:
- When a well is built in a community the infant mortality rate drops by as much as half almost immediately....immediately!!
-Before a well is built diarrhea is deadly in many communities, where it isjust an embarrassment to us, it is a life sentence to them. A clean waterwell and the education World Vision workers provide along with that well eradicate diarrhea can help make it an annoyance rather than life-threatening.

Please please check out our site.....
DMC Team World Vision

A simple donation from you, could help save a community. Every little bits helps.

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