Thursday, August 27, 2009

Even My Husband Would Be Proud

When I married Ryan, I had no idea I was marrying such a coupon clipper.

He's pretty remarkable.

I have never seen anyone get so many great deals. I think he uses a coupon or discount code for everything! He doesn't even go out to eat for full price - he gets half off gift cards to restaurants in our area. We pay $25 and get a gift card for $50! I love it because I never feel bad about ordering expensive desserts!

I've been known to shop around for a good deal (I do go to 3 grocery stores each week for the best prices), but yesterday I scored the best and I mean the BEST deal yet!

Even Ryan was impressed.

Are you ready for this?

I went into A.C. Moore looking for a wicker floor vase and some fake flowers to put in it. I've been shopping for a large floor vase, but haven't found anything I really like, and since they're kind of expensive (around $35-$65) I wanted to make sure I chose just the right one!

To make a long story short....I found a wicker floor vase I loved from first sight! It was suppose to be 25% off, but when the cashier rang it up it didn't show that it was on sale. When I questioned her about it, she said she didn't know, looked at the sale flyer, made a phone call and then swiped a coupon she had at the register for 40% off! Holy moly! Hellllooooo wicker vase for $18!!

Then, she rang up all 11 of my forsythia sprays and they were only 90% off which came to a whopping $3.30!!

I saved a total of (drum roll please) $41.59 and only spent $22.57.

I love a good bargain!

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