Monday, August 31, 2009

No Doughnuts!

I was in a very busy grocery store this weekend when I heard a conversation that went something like this:

A mom: You kids are driving me crazy! Move out of the way of that lady...right now!!

Kids: Giggle, giggle, giggle

Mom: We are leaving here and NO ONE IS GETTING A DOUGHNUT! No one is going to get a doughnut!!!!

Kids: Moooommmm.

Several minutes later, as I was leaving the store, I noticed the same Mom with her kids at the doughnut display. They were chosing their favorite.

I'm no Mom, but I'm pretty sure that's not following through. Hmmmm...just wondering what those kids learned as they were devouring their chosen sweet powdered goodness :0)

1 comment:

Emily said...

no doughnuts means no doughnuts! I agree -- what's the point of a punishment that doesn't happen? No wonder the kids just giggled at her. That probably happens all the time!

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