Saturday, July 4, 2009

15 Mile Run...What?

For some reason I decided that yesterday I would attempt a 15 mile run.

I'm well ahead in my training and probably shouldn't have pushed myself that far, but hey, I wanted to see if I could do it. And guess what?? I did!

Honestly, I'm not too suprised. Once I start the run...I don't really give myself an option. If I start - I finish (unless I'm hurt, obviously). Yesterday was no exception. Let's hope this thinking continues when I hit the 20mile mark.

The first several miles were the hardest.....I wasn't feeling it at all. I planned a course that would take me to Hummlestown. If I ran right to Hummelstown it would have only been about 9miles - no good - so I had to work out something that took me back and forth. There's nothing worse than running toward your goal, then turning and running away from it.

When I was mapping it out, I chose 2 roads with the word "hill" in them. That was silly of me. I felt like I just kept running up and down hill after hill after hill. It was ridiculous! Out of control!

Several weeks ago I was reading a magazine article about pushing up hills during a run. It suggested that you use self-talk and positive thinking like; "when I get to the top I will have succeeded and can descend," "this hill isn't very big, I can do this," "push to the top, then you can relax."

Yeah right. I tried thinking like that, really I did, but by the 9th hill these thoughts/questions keps creeping in...

"Will there be a big pool with cold water at the top I can jump into?" NO "Stupid hill."
"Will Ryan be at the top with his arms open ready for a hug?" NO "Stupid hill."
"If I make it to the top, I get to run down and then RUN UP THE NEXT ONE."
"I hope that car sees me so I don't get squashed."

I'm so postitive. haha Although those did go through my mind from time to time, the whole positive self-talk thing did some extent. I survived.

A few people have asked me what I think about when I'm by myself for all that time and here's the answer:

- What I'm going to wear after I'm home and have taken a shower.
- Things I need to do the rest of the weekend to get ready for the week.
- A nice place to buy a house in the area (I ran through awesome neighborhoods!)
- What to do if a dog runs after me.
- I formulate plans for if I have to use the bathroom suddenly.
- Picking up my feet so I don't trip.
- Most of all, though, I pray. I pray for my family, friends, strangers, people who drive by and don't get over at all, Ryan, Devonshire church, finding a job I love, etc.

If you have a prayer request, I'd love to know so I can pray for you when I run.

Happy 4th of July! God loves you!

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