Monday, June 1, 2009

Tomato Time

From the time I was little I have been petrified of bugs. If I saw one in my bedroom I would start to sweat and cry until someone would kill it, then I wouldn't sleep the whole night. It was terrible, especially in the summer.

I had 2 lovely windows in my bedroom growing up, but I would often keep them closed just in case a bug could morph itself through the teeny tiny screen and find its way into my bed and under the covers where it would wait for me at bedtime!

I've gotten better with age. I don't sweat or cry anymore, but I do stand and stare it down (so I can see exactly where it's going!) while I scream for Ryan and wait for him to save me. The crunch bugs are the worst. UGH!

This fear has not only kept me up countless nights throughout my childhood (and a couple during my adulthood) it's prevented me from doing some of the more fun and enjoyable things outside - like plant flowers. Because, you see, flowers need to go in dirt, and bugs love dirt and if I'm digging and spot a bug I might freak out, throw the flower and then that's that. Dead unplanted flower!

Just this weekend though I made some significant progress. We just needed flowers in front our porch and since Ryan was at work (on a Sunday - booo) I had to do the planting. I spotted only one pill bug, but remained in control. Score!

Needless to say, other than the dirt under my finger nails (gross) I did just fine. Here's some evidence.

I was totally cool with this tomato plant because the soil came from a bag and it went into a plastic planter. No bugs thank you very much!

I know what you're thinking...Erin, you have a black thumb. Really? A tomato plant? Oh yes. In a couple of months I'll be enjoying the fruits of my labor (water every day!!) and may even invite you over for a tomato or two.

Oh, beautiful!
My favorite is the one by the flag.


Emily said...

Wow! I'm really impressed. Remember that time I got stung my a bee on my back in our bed? Your fears were not unfounded. :o) I want some tomatoes this summer!

MicheleBairdCowell said...

Way to go! The flowers look beautiful and the tomatoes will taste great in a month or so. :)

Lynn said...

I totally understand the bug thing. It's probably why I never gardened much. Worse- digging in the ground may bring out a worm! I am getting a little better- I actually have killed some spiders with a swatter instead of the vacumn cleaner. Hope all is well there!

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