Sunday, May 31, 2009

Williamsport Weekend

I was visiting the Berry's this weekend and of course, forgot my camera! I was so bummed! I knew I was going to forget something.

I'll still give you a brief run down of our fun, minus pictures. Boooo

Ryan and I headed to Williamsport on Friday to watch Owen's T-ball game. He only had 1 Friday night game, so it was then or never! I thought he did an awesome job hitting, playing 2nd base, AND, catcher!! He had to get all the catcher's gear on and everything (don't worry, Jenn caught it all on the video recorder). I wasn't sure a body that small could hold all of it, but he did it :0)

He was so funny because everytime he went to pick the ball up he would take off the mask. Ryan and I thought it might be a loooong inning since the mask isn't super easy or quick to take on and off, but after a few times even he got tired of doing it and left it on. Thank goodness :0P

After the game we got some ice cream and just hung out before bed.

Owen had a birthday party to go to on Saturday, so Ryan and I hit some of Williamsports most popular spots to burn some time. Wal-mart, dollar tree, sheetz....ya know.

In the afternoon we played this awesome game Owen called something like "shoot the gun and catch the ball in the cone ." It was pretty fun and invovled a toy gun that shot light weight bubble gum looking balls and orange cones. Ryan won a lot because he was the tallest and could reach the balls before Jenn or I, but Owen said I tried hard and was the ultimate winner (sorry Ryan...he loves his Aunt! hehe)

The most precious moment was when Owen was leaning against me and I put my hand around his shoulder so I could feel his heart. I told him his heart was beating very quickly and his response was "I'm falling in love with someone." When Jenn asked him who he was falling in love with he just looked up at me. Oh dear. So cute.

Later, I felt Ryan's heart. Slow as usual. Bummer.

As least someone's heart was beating quickly for me this weekend! :-)

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Emily said...

That's such a cute story. Ryan's a runner, so that's probably why his heart was slow and steady. :o)

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