Tuesday, May 26, 2009

O, Canada!

In order to keep you interested in this post I'll keep the captions short :) These are some of the many photos I took on Ryan and I's trip to Canada this weekend. We left Friday afternoon and just returned a couple of hours ago.

It is the first time either of us have been to Canada before!

Enjoy! Ryan did all of the driving! He's amazing. This is the first day of our journey.

Our humble abode for the first couple of nights.

The glass floor in the CN tower (it's the tallest in the world). I was too scared to look down so ryan took the picture :0) We were so high!

Nice view!

You can kind of see the view behind us!

I was so excited to eat at Extreme Pita! We found it by chance one day and the next day just had to go there for lunch!! I wish they were around here!

We went paddle boating on Toronto Island Park

This is Ryan relaxing, while I'm using all my strength to keep us moving. Stinker ;0)

Here we are waiting for the ferry to take us back to the mainland. It was a gorgeous day and we definitely both got a little burnt!

At the butterfly house a butterfly landed on me! It was awesome!

Two landed on Ryan, but in this picture you can only see one. They must like him.

On Maid of the Mist. It was misty and very close to the falls!

Ready with our ponchos on. We wore 3 different ponchos total that day - that's the most ponchos I've ever worn in one single day before!

A view from the restaurant we at for lunch. We had a gorgeous view!

Ryan at Behind the Falls. We were able to go behind the falls and get very close!

Just me with the falls in the background.

This is the Yogen Fruz. On Sunday night Ryan and I drove around forever in Toronto trying to find this place (that I found on the internet) and couldn't! It was going to be our anniversary day dessert. When we arrived at the falls they were all over the place - who knew! So...when after dinner on Monday we headed there for our late anniversary dessert and it was closed! Can you believe that! We ended up at another, not so great, soft ice cream place. Oh well...too bad for Yogen Fruz!!

We had a jet tub in our 2nd hotel. Ryan was soooo excited!

Niagra street at night.
We went on this huge ferris wheel - Skywheel.

We went on the Skywheel at night so we could see the fall lite up. This isn't a very good picture, but the best we could do.

Ryan is the ranger and I'm the moose - go figure.

Driving home from a fabulous 1 year anniversary trip.
I can't believe how quickly that year went by. If it keeps getting better, like I've heard, I can't imagine how wonderful the upcoming years will be for us!
Thanks to all for the Happy Anniversary wishes, cards, and calls!

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