Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wedding Weekend

I haven't been around to post for a while because I've just been so darn busy (and a bit unmotivated to do anything that wasn't absolutely necessary).

The school year ended well and now I'm trying to decide what it is I'm going to do next year: my same position, a position in a learning support classroom, or substitute teaching again. Each option has about the same number of positives, so I just keep praying and hope that God will show me the way!

The last day of school my parents came from NC! They picked me up on their way to CT for my cousin, Meredith's wedding (see more on that in the next post). Ryan and my Dad worked on the basement Saturday morning, while my mom and I got a pedi :0D and worked on a secret craft project. The basement is looking great! Soon we'll be ready for taping, paint, and carpet! Finally!!

We kept them busy in the morning, so they could relax all afternoon when Ryan and I were away at a wedding. One of Ryan's roomates from college got married here in Harrisburg. It was a perfect day for a wedding - sunny and warm! They had a lovely ceremony, which we were exactly 1 hour early for...oops! I thought the wedding started at 3pm, but it was 4pm. At least we were early and not late! We hit up Pier 1 and Barnes and Nobles while we waited...we fit right in with our fancy wedding attire.

The reception was at the Harrisburg Hilton in downtown Harrisburg, which we were also early for. We were just so punctional that afternoon and the first ones to get to the cocktails. Nice.

Matt and Michelle Kocher - they're married!

A bubbly exit.
Ryan and I waiting for the happy couple to exit AND to blow our bubbles!

We followed the Excursion limo - pretty exciting!

My favorite part - the cake! It was beautiful and tasty :-)

Erin Stutzman and Kelsey Winter, these were girls whose husbands were in the wedding party and we got to sit with them!

First dance.

The famous roomate line dance. They did this dance at everyone's wedding! Ryan wasn't in this wedding, so he doesn't match everyone else, but he sure did know the moves.

That's the last time they'll be doing that dance together - no more bachelors in that bunch.
We had a wonderful time and are so thankful to the Kocher and Taylor family for letting us be apart of their special day!

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