Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday at Home

I'm not doing too much today. Ryan is off with some of his guy friends playing basketball and I'm finishing up laundry, cleaning, and other housework. I'm so thankful that we both have friends in the area to hang out with, but I feel like we haven't had a lazy Sunday with just the 2 of us in a long time!

Ryan usually works on the basement all day Saturday and Sunday afternoon for a couple of hours...until today! He and Stutz finished the dry wall yesterday! It looks amazing - I can hardly believe that it's done. We're on the easy road to a finished basement.

Here are some pics of their work. I'm seriously so proud.

Stairs going to the basement.

Hallway into the main portion - isn't that sliding door wonderful? :0)

The last wall to be finished. The did the closet area too.

See? All done!

Another view of the last wall.

Next weekend we're going to pick out the carpet and paint colors. I have no idea what color to paint!! Any suggestions? We're thinking we'll probably go neutral, but I wouldn't mind some color. Well, whatever we decide it won't be long before we're both down there relaxing on a Saturday afternoon with nothing to do...I can't wait :0)


Emily said...

The basement looks so great! I can't believe how well it's coming along. You'll be painting in no time! :o) I like the new blog background too -- do you need a new signature?

Lynn said...

Wow, basement looks great. I look forward to seeing it. Ryan is such a hard worker. You are such a good encourager of him!

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