Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bathing Suit Shopping

Last night, after a 7.5hr. drive back from NC, I decided to drag Ryan along with me as I searched for a 1 piece bathing suit. Boy is he a trooper, because it was awful.

Shopping for a bathing suit has got to be the worst thing a woman can voluntarily put herself through. Seriously.

I had to get a 1 piece for the summer camp I am working at - they have a fabulous swim time every afternoon! Summer tan here I come! Anyways...swimming naked isn't an option so I had to find something. After 4 stores and several frustrating moments I found one that I thought might do the trick. Then, when I got home, I changed my mind.

I guess I thought my butt was smaller than it actually is, because it seemed like every suit I tried on was squeezing my checks! Ryan said that bathing suits are suppose to be tight...but for goodness sakes! At least I don't need to find anything to fit around my thighs!

Anyways, I know this is the body God gave to me and one that I should cherish and love, but when you have lycra squeezing all over and not quite smoothing out all those flaws it can be tough!

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Emily said...

Oh no, that is the worst! I've got one better -- I sucked it up (and in) a few months ago before Drew and I went to FL and bought a new suit. I love it! Then I had to go and get pregnant, so now I have to find a maternity suit to wear to the beach in August. I thought about skipping it, but there's a pool at the house and I'm going to need to cool off! :o)

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