Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Friday!

It's finally friday! It feels like this week has lasted forever! Ryan and I have both been really busy this week and haven't had much time together. I forget how much I enjoy hanging out with him until I haven't seen him for days (other than to sleep)!

Tonight we have plans to just hang out around the house. He's putting together a cabinet that we got in the mail earlier this week as an anniversary gift (more on that later) and probably not too much else. We've both been exhausted from work, working out, and staying up unusally late this whole week.

Ryan just started playing on the church softball league and almost every game so far has been rained out! Last night we went for a double header and got caught in a serious downpour. It was sprinkling for a while, then all the sudden it just started to pour! I had an umbrella, so I wasn't too wet, but Ryan got soaked. haha I can't wait for a nice sunny day to watch him play! I need to start working on my tan!

I'll post some pictures later this afternoon or tomorrow of the progress he made in the basement last weekend - drywall! Woohoo :0) It's really starting to look like a finished space.

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