Saturday, May 16, 2009

Basement Update

Before you see pictures of the basment check out this awesome bright yellow wreath I got at Jo-Ann fabrics yesterday for $13.00! It was 1/2 off! I couldn't believe it! We needed something to brighten up our front door for the summer time. It looks great from the street - you can't miss our house!

Here is some of the work Ryan and Stutz did last weekend. Ryan and I are busy traveling the next 3 weekends, so it will be some time before anything else gets done, but it's pretty smooth sailing from here. Each week we can see so much progress! I was told that we'll get to start carpet shopping soon :0)

Corner where the fireplace will go.

There it is again.

This is a nook type area that would be perfect for a treadmill one day!!

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