Monday, May 18, 2009

The First of Many...

Between now and Thanksgiving Ryan and I have 5 weddings to attend. I'm estatic because I love weddings! I always get nervous for the bride and groom - even though they have nothing to be nervous about because it's their day and they can do whatever they want!

This past Saturday, Ryan and I attended a wedding in Lebanon, PA. It was in the middle of nowhere. Lots of farms and cows. We chatted a lot on the drive home about how I would never ever live in an area so flat, farmy, and far from a mall and how he would love to be isolated and not have any neighbors (except cows, of course).

At one point, to prove his point, he wiped out his GPS and searched for a Giant grocery store to show me we weren't really that far from civilization. It was like 2.4 miles from where we were and because I couldn't see it - I simply didn't believe him. Honestly, I could see for miles and there wasn't a grocery store in sight!!

Anyways, the church was extremely beautiful and well worth the short trip it took us to get there! Enjoy the pictures from our day!

I always always always take a picture of Ryan driving - he looks the same every time!!

We're at a stop light. I'm wearing my glasses because my right contact starts to seriously bother me if I wear it for more than 2hrs. Needless to say I felt a bit nerdy. Ryan told me I looked like a sexy school teacher - he's so weird! haha

Inside of the church!

Becky and Justin - Justin's grandfather did the ceremony!

The married couple! Her dress was gorgeous!!

Reception table - the reception was in part of the church.

The cake was also very pretty!

Ryan and I at the reception. My face is glisening because it was hot, but the rest of my body was cold, hence the cover up. No I wasn't sick - just my normal body being weird.

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