Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Sister is Expecting!

Guess what?? My sister, Emily, is expecting! She and Drew are planning to welcome the first member of their family unit in December!

She discovered she was pregnant several weeks ago, but has been waiting to spread the news.

Just a couple of days ago I checked out her blog and there it was...for the world to see. I was so excited because now I can blog about it :0) Make sure you check out her site! She's already done a wonderful job picking out baby stuff for the nursery, but I'll let her share more about that!!

I just wanted everyone who reads this to know - I'll be an Aunt Erin to a new little one! Uncle Ryan is pretty excited too!

Here are some pictures of the mom-to-be (sorry Drew - the dad-to-be will be featured another day)
Emily getting her nails done. I'm sure she can't wait to get a mid-pregnancy pedi (I wouldn't be able to!!)
Emily, me, and Jennifer before my wedding rehersal. Both of my sisters will be moms by this time next year....that's crazy!

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Lynn said...

oooo so exciting!

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