Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Ryan and I spent the whole day together on Sunday. I had my list of "to-dos" and he was a sport in keeping me company while I quickly moved through it!

One of the things I most definitely wanted to get done was clean out the spare bedroom closet. It wasn't too out of control, but enough to bother me. I just knew there were little things in it that could be thrown away, donated, or organized a bit better.

You really can't see much of a difference, because it wasn't all that unorganized before, but now I know the trash is out and things are where I can access them. It will be amazing once our basement is finished and we have a special closet to store these:

A ridiculous amount of games. Ryan went on a game buying kick one year and now we have soooo many! They take up the entire top shelf of our spare room closet. There's no way to keep them looking organized without looking cluttered (because there are sooo many) so I haven't really tried. I know they will be going to the basement soon anyways :0)

See any that strike your fancy? You're more than welcome to come on over and play!
Next we tackled our bedroom drawers. I couldn't get Ryan's drawers shut anymore so I made him clean them out. I ironed and refolded all my summer pants, shorts, & capris. It's getting hott here!
Ryan is nicely, gently, and oh so carefully putting back his folded t-shirts. This boy has 2 drawers full of only t-shirts!
He's so cute :0)

You can't see it here, but Ryan found a corduroy vest he bought at ON for $1. He never
wore it and when I asked him why he bought it, he said because he might need it for a costum one day. Oh dear.

Notice that green shirt by his left leg? He was so excited when he found this one! It says "I Race Tracters" on the front. I asked him if it fit, because I distinctly remebered it being way to small. He agreed that it was too small, but adamant about the fact that that was why it was so awesome.
I still don't understand.
And look what I found!! My wedding veil! It looks sooo good in my t-shirt and swishy shorts :0) I was going to try on my wedding dress (to see if it still fits), but I was just so darn hott! It's a lot of work getting those things on!


Lynn said...

Wait-- did you say Ryan was FOLDING clothes! I wouldn't believe it without seeing a picture. WOW- marriage has been good for him!

Erin and Ryan Harris said...

I only mentioned that he might want to go through his drawers since they were getting so full and he agreed! I honestly think he had a good time going through his shirts and discovering some that had been buried deep in the back! haha

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