Monday, April 6, 2009


I can't believe that I have a head cold now...right at the beginning of spring!

It started on Friday and has been getting worse ever since. I just have a stuffed up head and have been extremely tired! I woke up yesterday (Sunday) feeling awful and even feel asleep when I sat down on the sofa to talk to Ryan for a couple of minutes! Today I woke up feeling fine, then started to feel worse as the day has progressed! I'm just going to keep resting and hope it passes before the wedding weekend!

On another more positive note - I have been feeling so blessed recently!

Ryan and I are so lucky to have the love of God in our lives and be surrounded by people who also love Him. We have everything we so much more. We are healthy, other than little colds here and there :0), and our families are all healthy!

I just need to give God praise and credit for blessing us so much!

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