Thursday, April 23, 2009

Recess Duty

Sure, why not?

Wednesday was a whirlwind day for me.

I ended up working all morning and subbed in the afternoon, with a little recess duty in the middle.

This was my first time out at recess with the kids. It was crazy. There were kids everywhere - 180, to be exact. I thought I was going to be out there on my own, but thankfully there was someone else with me! That made the ratio 1 adult/90 kids - so much better than 1 adult/180 kids. Right?

The whole experience was hard for me to believe. Doesn't that sound like a lot of kids for 2 people to supervise? Yeah. I thought so too, but we made it.
At one point, we did discuss what might happen if they ganged up against us and tied us to the basketball poles with jump ropes.
I mean, it was possible.
Some of these 3rd graders were my size!
Honestly, though, I'm not sure they would all be able to get along and corporate for such a risky endeavor. If they wanted to do it...they would have to go all the way (without arguing).
Not sure that was possible.
For a complete switch in topics....
Yesterday, I asked a reading group to think of some ways they could help keep the water on the Earth clean - since Wed. was Earth Day.
They were stumped for a bit, then I gave some prompts (i.e. what if you're on a boat and have trash - what should you do with it? etc.) One little girl got really into it and said that if people threw their trash in the water it would kill all the fish and then there would only be sharks.
Haha. I suppose she was partially right.
Who wants only these guys swimming around in the water?

Better keep the water clean!

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