Friday, March 13, 2009

Spare Bathroom

We did it! Or, well, I did it! I painted the last room upstairs - the spare bathroom!

I wasn't sure what color I wanted to go with at first, but once I decided it should be in the gray family there was nothing holding me back! I told Ryan I wanted to paint it this (upcoming) weekend, but then ended up chosing the paint color Thursday morning and doing the actual painting Thursday afternoon! I got about 10hrs of sleep on Wednesday night and woke up Thursday ready to get some things done. My to-do list went from about 50 --> 1 (last being grocery shopping) in one day.

It was fabulous :) There's nothing like feeling accomplished! are some before and after pictures! Enjoy (and let me know what you think!)

Here is the bathroom dull and white. Notice the paint samples taped alongside the shower curtain.
Another shot.
Hmmm....which paint color to choose?
Guess which one I used?
Voila! Finished!

It took about 4.5hrs. total...with a serious cleaning of the bathroom, changing bed sheets, and vacuuming somewhere in the middle! I can't believe I didn't do it before! Now all out upstairs rooms are painted! All we need is to do the hallway. Oh dear. haha
Emily and Drew, my sister and brother-in-law, will be the first ones to use it! :) I can't wait!


Andrea said...

I love it! We have a gray room too and it's my favorite. Our color is called Porpoise.

(I found your blog from Kelsey's shutterfly)

Erin and Ryan Harris said...

Porpoise was the other option I had lined up! I couldn't decide, but then I opted for the lighter since our bathroom is kind of small and there aren't any windows :) I think either would have worked though! Thanks for the compliment!

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