Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One Sick Ryan...

Ryan came home from work on Monday and headed straight for the sofa. He mentioned on his drive home he wasn't feeling that great, but we had both hoped it would pass by the time he got in the door - it didn't. It wasn't long before the full 24-hr. flu symptoms started.

Over the last year, Ryan has cared for me on 2 separate occasions when I have been down and out...not able to move off the sofa or take care of myself. Now it's my turn. I'll admit...vomit (and the other) totally gross me out, but I've been doing my best. I just hold my breath and clean when needed. Ahhh. Gross.

I just keep praying that Ryan starts to feel better and regains his strength! I love him so much and hate to see him so tired and worn. I do think it's ironic how just over the weekend we were talking with his family about the sick days he never uses, because he's never that sick. Not this year I guess.

Let's all keep praying I don't get it!

While Ryan has been home getting rest, I've been teaching 1st grade. The thing I love about 1st graders is that at some point during the day someone always says something to make me laugh.

On Monday, a little boy came up to me (in all seriousness) and said,

Boy: "When I pretend like I'm melting my leg hurts RIGHT HERE (points to ankle) really bad!"
Me: "Pretend like you're melting?"
Boy: "Yeah. (like duh!)"
Me: "Well, pretending to melt isn't something we should be doing in the classroom, so I would stop and keep working on your center."
Boy: "Okay."

I turned around in my chair and lost it. If that was his biggest concern/worry/complaint for the day, then he's good. This kid was so cute.

On Tuesday, I was talking to a little boy about his yearly trip to Hershey Park in the summer. At one point he got really excited and said "this year I think I'm going to be a Twizzler!" Hahahaha! At first I didn't really understand (a twizzler?), then I remembered your height is measured by candy and if he's a Twizzler he can ride more rides!

Kids are too funny :0)

1 comment:

Emily said...

That's so funny -- how do kids come up with this stuff. My leg is melting? :o)

Between the 5 year olds and Ryan, there's a lot of vomit in your life. Good luck!

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