Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kasie's Bridal Shower

This weekend we headed to NJ for Kasie (Darren's fiance) suprise bridal shower! I love bridal (and baby) showers, so I was a bit excited. It was a gorgeous weekend and the shower was lovely.

I'm not sure I had ever been to a shower quite that large before, but it was put together beautifully and very well organized!

I can't imagine what the wedding will be like!

Here are some pictures from the special day.

Lynn and Aunt Gail finishing lunch before heading to the shower.

Guests arriving at the shower. We were one of the first ones there, so we got a primo spot!

The chairs all set up for the bridesmaids and bride. They had a good system for opening presents! One handed Kasie a gift, one took the paper, and one took the unwrapped gift to tuck nicely into another pile! I was impressed!

Oh...she's suprised.

They're getting married on April 11th! Very soon!

Kasie knows this next gift is a hand made blanket from Darren's grandma (I have one too - it's fabulous)

Opening presents...

The cutest tux and wedding dress aprons ever!

I think they have everything they need to start their lives together - haha! Ryan and I will be sure to visit them frequently so they can use all their new gadgets! :)

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Emily said...

Looks like fun!

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