Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fun with Parents & Bday Party in Philly

Here are some of the pictures I promised from Ryan and I's visit with my parents last weekend. They are a little out of order...I can't figure out how to move them around. It's not letting me for some reason!

Anyways - the first few are from my Uncle Matt and Aunt Gretchen's birthday party in Philadelphia. Many of my dad's brothers and sisters were there - Ryan and I were the youngest (with exception of my U.Matt and A.Gretchen's children).

Dad and U. Ken just catching up...
A.Faith and A.Beth looking at pictures of my A.Gretchen's trip to Japan. She just returned 2 weeks ago!
Mom, Dad, and Cousin Cathy. Loved mom's sweater set!!
Ryan and I waiting to leave for the car ride to Philly!

Dad, Mom, & ryan getting their cards organized for a rousing game of clue!
Dad loves playing Clue! He loves playing any game!
I have some tricky plays up my sleeve....

Ryan won Clue - go figure. haha

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