Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Daughter of God

I have been created the way God wants me to be.

Plan and simple.

It seems like some days this is harder to accept than other days, but I try. I know that I am beautiful and wonderful just by being God's daughter. Sometimes I wonder why I care so much about the other stuff (i.e. how I look, what job/occupation I have, if I work out or not, what I accomplish on any given day, how I compare to others who I think are awesome, etc.). haha

Someone told me several weeks ago that if all I do in any given day is worship God (even just once) than I have done what I was created to do. I'm struggling with not really knowing what I want to do in life, so on days when that really starts to get to me, I think of what she said and start to worship, which usually gives me the strength and confidence to do other things and progress through the day.

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