Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I decided to take on a little challenge: Run a marathon.

Over a year ago I called my Dad and asked him to run a 1/2 marathon with me. Of course, he did. He loves to run and has been doing it for years and years, so naturally I thought he would be a good couch, accountability partner, and encourager. He ran at my slow turtle like pace for the entire race and even turned around several times to run back to water stations for additional cups...for me! He's amazing.

So, I've had the marathon bug bite me and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. On October 10, I'll take part in this ! Ahh...so crazy! I initially thought about doing the Washington, D.C. one, but it takes place later in the fall during the TMI Outtage (something happening at Ryan's work from Oct. 22 - Jan. that I have grown to fully hate) and I really wanted him to be there! I'll need all the support I can get :0)
The big difference between this race and the 1/2 marathon (other than it's twice as long) is that I'm doing it on my own. I've asked my parents to come for support, but I plan to run this one with water packs buckled to my waist and the drive in my own head pushing me forward.
I'm not in the pack pictured here, but I will be!


Emily said...

Wow! Let me know when it is and I'll try to be there to cheer you on!

I love the post before this one too -- so true.

I also love the new photo of you and Ryan!

Lynn said...

Wow, you are so brave! I can't imagine running that far alone
(or for that matter with others!) Good for you. When do you start to train for this? When is the race?
I think everyone will hate outages- especially if they plan them around the holidays! How awful.
See you soon.

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