Monday, March 23, 2009


When I came home from subbing today I was ravenous. I ate many things all which contained exborbitant amounts of sugar. My goal is to pack bigger lunches so I'm not so crazy hungry when I get home. Seriously, I could eat a whole 3 course dinner at 4. I believe in snacks, but one that's the size of a small dinner just doesn't seem right.

So, anyways, after I then ate dinner and felt completely sick to my stomach I decided to drag my saggy butt away from the t.v. and join Ryan downstairs to watch him work on the basement. He was working on the basement after lifting before work at 6am & working a full 9hr day. I got up at 6:30, worked roughly 5hrs (the kids have to eat lunch, have recess, and go to special!), came home sat directly in front of the t.v. and did what was mentioned above. I had to feel like I accomplished a little bit of something.

I initially watched him at first because I was too full to move. Know the feeling? After a bit, I became more mobile and spotted my most favorite "tool" he owns...the shop-vac (should this be capitalized?.....oh, whatever)! If you know me, you know I'm a hug fan of vacuuming and this is like the king of all vacuums. I put the longest attachment on (so I didn't have to bend down or over, duh) and got to work. There is such a sense of completion and immediate gratification when you shop-vac. Things on the floor (i.e. insulation, nails, saw-dust, little pieces of wire, etc.) are no match for it's power.

So I shop-vacced until I got the insulation itches, then came upstairs to do more sitting.

I can't wait for a fresh start tomorrow.

Spinning at 5:30am! (I'll woohhooo tomorrow after it's over :0) )

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Andrea said...

After reading this post I have two confessions. 1) Today when I came home from work I was so desperately hungry that I gorged on a bag of cheddar cheese popcorn. 2) Sometimes I use our shop vac to clean instead of our regular vacuum because I love its sucking power and the fact that it can "pick up" pieces of stuff that I'm just too lazy to pick up.


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