Sunday, March 22, 2009

Emily & Drew Visit

Emily and Drew came to visit us this past weekend!

They arrived on Friday just in time for a Moe's Southwest dinner and some ice cream at King Kone! It was a hard choice between free Rita's and KK, but we had to go with the King! They have 24+ flavors of soft served and about a million other options! I chose cheesecake ss with sprinkles :)

We just watched basketball on Friday night and hung out a bit. I fell asleep early - I was so tired! Ryan and Drew stayed up till about 1am watching March Madness. Crazy guys.

Saturday, Emily & Drew headed to a wedding while Ryan and I did our normal Saturday things. I went grocery shopping, cleaning, etc. and Ryan worked on the basement. He had the electrical inspector come earlier this week and he passed! That's a big relief. Now all we need is the framing inspector!

I made blueberry pancakes Sunday morning before church, then Em & Drew headed back to OH. It was great to have family visit! I wasn't too good at taking pictures, but Emily did! If you click on the button on the right side of this blog it'll take you to her site - I'm sure she'll post some of them :)

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