Sunday, March 22, 2009

New and Improved Entertainment Center

Last Wednesday we got our new 52" BIG screen t.v. delivered! All was great until we realized it wouldn't fit into our entertainment center.

The same entertainment center that was almost thrown away twice and used in a male college dorm/apartment for 2 years, then saved by a beautiful girl (ahem, me) for one final year of college life.

I wish so badly that I had some good "before" pictures so you can see it's true transformation. This is one I found online after googling "cheap old entertainment center" and it looks pretty close. Ours wasn't even this nice - the side shelves weren't there.
Well, it used to be a hutch style entertainment center made of light partical board. When you touched the top/hutch portion it swayed (even with a few added reinforcements). It was sturdy enough to hold a decorative candle, or two, but not too much more than that. When Ryan moved into the townhouse, we currently live, he painted it black, which made it look AMAZING! It only took 9 cans of black spray paint to cover the whole thing (Ryan intially thought it would take around 3) hahaha

Anyways! It's next step to absolute victory was when Ryan decided to move the very top piece (from the hutch portion) down to the top of the bottom piece so the t.v. could rest on the top of the whole thing. The top portion of the hutch piece had a nice edge that went around the bottom piece nicely to give it more of a finished look! It came out great and we are so happy we gave it a go before buying a whole new piece of furniture! To me....this looks good as new :)

Voila! Looks great!

Another picture of the finished product!

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