Thursday, March 26, 2009

What's New?

Not much going on in the Harris house....sorry.

I've been subbing most of the week and Ryan has been hard at work on the basement. We got our framing inspection taken care of and now we're all set to go until the end!

Wednesday I didn't work, which allowed me to boil and de-bone 10lbs of chxn breast I bought last weekend by accident. I could have sworn I asked for boneless chxn breasts! Oh well - now we have about 5lbs of good white chxn cooked and ready for anything :0)

This weekend a friend of Ryan's is coming from NJ to help work on the basement! I'm super excited and can't wait to see more progress. I think it's good that Ryan gets help's so hard to do a lot of the things he's doing on his own!

I'll be out shopping for a necklace to go with this dress I just bought for Kasie and Darren's wedding in a couple of weeks. It's plain, so I want something snazzy to jazz it up a bit!

I don't even have many pictures to post. Lame. I know. I need to start taking more!!


Kelsey said...

Hey Erin! There's a great website I use for unique, handmade jewelry: The stuff is very cool but you'll have to find something quick in order to get it in time for the wedding because it's all individual sellers. Good luck!
~ Kelsey

Erin and Ryan Harris said...

Thanks Kelsey! I've spent tons of time browsing on before, but now I have something special to look for! I"m excited to see you at Michelle and Kocher's wedding in June! You'll be there, right?

Kelsey said...

Of course I'll be there! Jordan's the best man and I'm really excited to see everyone!

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