Monday, February 16, 2009

The Shower....

Today I spent over 30mins scrubbing out our shower. I realized, while I was showering, that I have cleaned it once (maybe twice) since I got married and moved in 8 months ago! Gah!

If you've been to our house before, you know that it is clean. Very clean. I have so generously been given the clean gene from my Mom and couldn't be happier about it! I enjoy cleaning and honestly can't sleep at night if the carpet hasn't been vacuumed sometime that week. Some people might think it's a little over the top, but that's just how it goes.

Anyways, back to the shower. I hate hate hate cleaning showers and this is why:

1) I get soaked, even when I stay on the outside.
2) Water ends up all over the floor by the time I am done.
3) I cannot rinse off the walls very well after they have been drenched with cleaning supplies because the faucet head doesn't get to all the shower nooks and crannies.
4) I am certain the fumes from the cleaning supplies kill several (hundred) of my brain cells and honestly, I need to keep as many as I can.
5) It's hard to see any clean difference, unless it has been about 8 months.

This is the short list. So, today I realized it was time to tackle to beast. I went in armed with old sweatpants and t-shirt, scrub brush, bleach cleaner, and a pitcher (for rinsing the walls.....I'm genius!! haha). Like mentioned about it took over 30 minutes.


Next time it will be Ryan's turn. Deep down I thought he might notice the grim and just do it himself, but then I remembered he was a guy and thought the showers at Creation were just fine. Ugh.

So this morning I took a "Cardio & Weights Class" at the gym I just joined. It was fun, but not horribly challenging. It felt good to mix it up a bit and I'm sure tomorrow I'll be sore in some area. It was a nice combination of using weights with cardio movement. They also offer spinning classes which sound pretty cool. I told Ryan about the class and he said "OH MAN...they are tough!" I thought this was funny considering he has never taken a spinning class. I asked him how he knew and apparently his twin brother, Darren, has taken a class in the past and passed the word along. I'd like to just see for myself though!

If you haven't noticed already take a look at my new signature at the bottom of my posts! My sister, Emily, made it and put it up for me! I tried a couple of days ago, but just didn't have the right programs on my computer to get it to work. She made it and put it up in no time! Thanks sister!

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