Sunday, February 15, 2009

Painting Party

On Friday, I had an unexpected painting party with 2 women from my small group, Jenn and Erin! I was planning to paint both of our spare bedrooms this weekend, but not planning to have so much help! Ryan wasn't so sure painting both rooms in one weekend was a good idea, however I was determined to get them done.

It really was a huge job and without Erin and Jenn I would probably still be painting (not anxiously awaiting the arrival of my friend, Anita!). I was so glad to have them with me. They were careful and did a great job!

It took Ryan and I awhile to pick out the colors, but we ended up choosing "Oat Straw" for the spare bedroom and "Sagey" for the office (2nd room). Here are some before and after pictures!

I give this room color a "thumbs down!"
Woah - so bright white! Gross!
Nice...more muted and neutral. It's slight in this picture, but a huge difference in person!
Another view!
From the opposite side of the room - that's me in the mirror :)
I give our office color a big fat "thumbs down" and SAD face!
Ryan's section before.
After - "Sagery" looks beautiful!
My man in his newly organized space! It took me forever to organize and clean his desk after the painting was done!
Yes! Thumbs up!
Ryan and I before we leave for our romantic Chic-fil-A dinner :)

Before dinner, Ryan put together this fireplace that will be going in our basement once all the construction is done. It looks a little fakey here and doesn't match our other furniture, but downstairs we think it will be perfect! We didn't need anything too elaborate down there. In the meantime, it's going to stay up here and be put to good use :)

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Emily said...

I love it all! Especially the fireplace! It looks good in the living room. I'm excited to see the colors in person.

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