Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy love day!

I love to love - it's that simple. People, animals, plants, anything that will accept it. I feel blessed to have so many people in my life to love and who love me equally in return. This year I got to celebrate one of my favorite non-holiday holidays with the love of my life. We had our ultimate Valentine's day on May 24th...when we got married! Even though we decided not to get each other little gifts this year he surprised me with bright pink roses :0) He even pulled out the Baby's Breath - I hate Baby's Breath. haha

We went to dinner at Chic-fil-A (my favorite) and desert at King Kone! Ryan has been working so hard on the basement on Saturday's that it was nice to spend the afternoon and evening with him!

I'll update tomorrow with pictures of our new (faux) fireplace and painted spare rooms! They came out great :)

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