Sunday, February 22, 2009

Basement Update

Today Ryan finished the framing for our basement! This was a very very long and tiresome task! I'm so proud of him for getting it done and doing so without all the construction man tools. He hammered each nail with a hand held hammer, no electric nailer, and moved most of the frames by himself!

Our friend, Stutz, came over a couple of Saturdays to help as well! I haven't done too much, other than vacuum up saw dust a couple of times (I heart using the shop-vac) and help hold up some boxed out frames that went around the pipes.

Future closet
I helped to hold up those pieces along the ceiling - they were heavy above my head!
More boxed out pieces...Ryan hated building these!
He's almost finished!
Looking down the stairs. He drilled those small strips of wood into the cement wall today. I bet our neighbors loved that :)

Next is running the electric!


Emily said...

Wow! Nice progress. I'm excited to see it when we come to visit.

Erin and Ryan Harris said...

Ryan just cleaned it up this week, so it looks really good! Before it was hard to see the progress because there were so many scrap pieces of wood laying around and saw dust. I'm excited for you and Drew to visit as well! Something special to look forward too!

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